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Billing Solutions

Hear Billing Solutions (HBS) specializes only in the Audiology field, which is what makes us so great at what we do. By offering a full range of services, including (but not limited to) medical billing and insurance assistance, HBS can better meet each practice’s individual needs.

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Boot Camps

For Audiologists & Their Staff

Audiologists, Hearing Instrument Specialists, and everyone in between will benefit from our boot camps. With the vast amount of information that’s given, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.
Our newest boot camp is offered as a one-day camp and covers topics such as (but not limited to) billing cheats and short cuts, claim filing overview, and provider support.
HBS offers one (1) , two (2) , and three (3) day camps which gives a plethora of valuable information! A few topics covered are CPT and diagnosis codes, insurance do’s & do not’s, and we’ll supply samples of forms commonly used.
*See our Boot Camp page for more detailed information.

What Our Clients Say

We have been working with Hear Billing for a year now, and have found a great flow with Christy. Verifications and claims are done within 24-48 hours. Any questions are answered quickly. The entire staff is very professional and kind.
Jill B.
Hearing Instrument Specialist , Today’s Hearing

Frequently Asked Questions

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“Do you offer services to Hearing Instrument Specialists too?”
We do. And we are! Our clients are a mix of audiologists and hearing instrument specialists alike.
“Our office ‘may’ produce five claims a month. Is it worth it to have HBS file for us?
Yes! We service both very small & large companies ensuring claims are processed timely.